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Monday, January 12, 2009

B6, Sour Candy, Ginger, Crackers...anything else!?!

These are all things that are supposed to help "morning sickness".  Who in the hell came up with that term?  Uh, hello - it should have been "you''re-feeling-better-WHAM" sickness.  Seriously!?!  I have tried it all (or, at least, a lot)
  • Vitamin B6 - CHECK
  • Lemon Heads, Jolly Ranchers or any sour candy - CHECK (to the point that my tongue just might fall out of my mouth)
  • Crystallized Ginger - GAG! (wow - do people really eat this because they like it!)
  • Crackers - CHECK
But somehow I make it through my nauseated days and/or evenings.  I turn in early because sleep seems to take the nausea away.  Needless to say, I am no longer a barrel of laughs.  Poor Jason.  The funny thing is that I know I don't have the 'ness nearly as bad as some gals get.  Probably not even 1/4 as bad (maybe even 1/8) BUT I can not stand to feel sick to my stomach.  Give my strep throat ANY day...but make me feel nauseous and I become a blubbering idiot that wants to do nothing more than curl up on the floor and complain. 

So I shall take one last swig of my smoothie and make my way upstairs to turn in early.  Only 4 more weeks of this...right!?!


Elizabeth said...

On the positive side...I am sure you know this but it might help you get through the next 4 weeks a little easier. Having morning sickness...all day sickness... is an excellent sign of a healthy pregnancy. So...honestly, it is an answer to prayer in a strange sort of a way. So Thank you Jesus for All Day Sickness and this precious baby that is on its way. Many Blessings Beth

Jeff and Kerry said...

You need to eat something BEFORE you get out of bed every day...this seriously helped my m/s a lot. I kept raw almonds, unsalted-top saltines, and goldfish crackers on my nightstand, and I would eat a couple of handfuls of one of them every morning before I moved one leg out of bed.

Lori said...

Congratulations and I hope you are feeling well soon!