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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coop's a Big Boy...

even though he's still our baby boy! Cooper stared pre-school this week. He is officially a "Busy Bee" at Cozy Pine Montessori school where my mom works. I LOVE it! I am sure Cooper will grow to LOVE it! He attends three days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday and my mom is at the school those days at well - gotta love that!

His first day was a little sketchy. Jason and I took him to school Tuesday morning and he immediately started playing with the toys in his room and sitting at the table that was just his height. He could have cared less about us. We gave him a kiss goodbye and he continued to investigate his surroundings. It felt great - like we had successfully parented him to a well adjusted 18 month old who would have fun at school. Fast forward to me walking through the door to pick him up only to find him sobbing in the teachers arms.

{{que heart dropping to stomach}}

He had a rough day. He would play a little and then start crying. I am sure he was wondering what in the hell his mommy and daddy did to him...Why did they leave me here? Are they ever coming back? Oh the guilt!

His second day was better...and today he had a fun day once I exited the building (to the sound of his screaming cries). When I arrived to pick him up he did not see me and I was able to watch him for about 10 minutes. Banging musical sticks together while singing If You're Happy and You Know It and then waving a ribbon ring all around. How fun it was to peek at him interacting and having a good time with Miss Shelly and all of his friends.

{{que content, swelling, happy heart!}}

We will see how next week goes. Tuesday should be interesting after being home for four days!
Arriving at School!
Dad says we have to get rid of the Clifford backpack!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Always Behind the Lens...

I love to take photos. I have thousands of photos organized on my computer. I want to learn how to take better photos. I would love to take a photography class. I consider this one of my hobbies. The problem (if it really is one) of loving to take photos is that I am always behind the lens. Now don't get me wrong - I am not looking to have photos of my self however I want Cooper to have photos of him and his momma. Memories of us for him...I digress. The reason for this post is to introduce Lindsey at L. Ann Photography. She just moved to the Denver area and is giving away a free FAMILY photo session. That's right - family! I'd be tucked in there right along with Coop and the hubs! How exciting. So keep your fingers crossed for me and I will let you know if I win.

Another fun event Lindsey is hosting is a photo shoot with Santa. For 35 bucks your little one gets their one photo shoot with the big man and mommas get 5 edited proofs delivered to you on a CD. WOW! Call Lindsey to reserve your spot on December 4th - I already did! Her number is 208-569-8740.

Friday, November 5, 2010


We were lucky this year. We got to dress up for Halloween three times! Because Cooper started roaring like a lion we thought that would be the appropriate costume for him and I have to say...he made one stinkin' cute lion!

We headed own to Phoenix to surprise Jason's brother for his 40th. SO MUCH FUN! It was a costume party and it seemed as if everyone dressed up for the occasion - there we some great costumes!

My mom had a delicious Chili dinner the night before Halloween and we all dressed up for that. It turned out to be a really fun night complete with pumpkin carving!

And of course Halloween. What a great evening we had. Complete with friends and candy!

Is It Really November???

Unbelievable! We all hear it and we all say it...time goes by SO fast. November 5th already. Wow! Our summer is over, however, you wouldn't know it here in Colorado - the weather has been AMAZING! Halloween is past and now we getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The leaves have fallen from the trees and Starbucks has now added Gingerbread Lattes to their menu (along with Pumpkin Spice - yum!). The sounds of football games on Sunday fill the house while a crock of Chili cooks throughout the day. Candles flicker and we cuddle up under warm blankets on the couch once we settle in for the evening to watch TV. Oh how I love this time of the year!

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's a little breezy in here...

This is what happens when mommy's not quick enough during a diaper change!

Notice the freckle on his bum? I love it!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Father's Day has a new meaning this year. Instead of it being a day I get through with a heavy heart I was able to look at it in a new light. How fun is it that Cooper and I get to celebrate Jason on this day! Super cool! We started out the day at the Chop House downtown for brunch.

Then we made our way over to Coors Field to enjoy a game.

It was so much fun and a great day spent together!
I love you babe!

The Two Teeth...

Can you see them? Two pearly whites peeking through on the bottom!