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Thursday, July 23, 2009

I LOVE Starbucks!

I really do...and not just for the decaf, no fat, iced mocha's with whip! This morning while ordering the nicest lady came up to me to tell me she thought I was the cutest pregnant lady she had ever seen. What a great way to start the day! Bless her!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

35 weeks and 3 days...

and I am just now starting to feel like an awkward pregnant lady! It literally hit me a couple days ago and it is suddenly a challenge to get out of chairs, out of bed, etc. However, I still feel good! Jason & I started out childbirth classes last week. We have our next one on Thursday. The crib is painted (thanks to some great friends who gave us their beautiful crib and painted is black for us!) and we had our maternity photos on Saturday - I can't wait to see how they turned out! Things are coming together! Things are coming together thanks to out fantastic family (my mom, my sister and my sister's father-in-law) who keep helping us with EVERYTHING! So here is the 35 week update:

How far along? 35.3 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 15.5 pounds as of our last Dr.'s appt on the 14th
Stretch marks? Still one - although I think I might have one right under my bulging belly button!
Sleep: Up at least once every night. Last night was not a good night - I was up about 4 times. Still love my Boppy Pregnancy pillow!
Best moment this week: Maternity Photos - Jason & I had a lot of fun. We weren't sure what to expect but Mandie with Been Blessed Studios put us right at ease!
Movement: Still a lot. The books read that I will notice less movement as Baby K gets bigger but he is still jammin'
Food cravings: None - well I guess milk which is odd for me. Never drank the stuff before!
Labor signs: I don't think so. Contractions - but not the real kind. At our last Dr's appt everything was still sealed shut (ha,ha) so we should be okay!
Belly button in or out? Out! See above "Stretch Marks"!
What I miss: Still a cold beer or margarita! **Sigh**
What I am looking forward to: Still Our ultra sound at 36 weeks on July 31st. I am also looking forward to seeing our maternity photos and our class on Thursday.

Monday, July 20, 2009

No Name

We still do not have a name for Baby K. I think people are beginning to think that we have one picked out and just aren't telling...I wish! I really like monograms and can do nothing because we don't have name. We do have a list. It just seems so hard to give a name to a little person you have never met.

So we are still working on it and don't worry...we are not keeping it from anyone!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hello again!

WOW! I can't even begin to tell you how busy June was for me. However, my lack of blog posts should give you a hint. Work was the craziest part of it all. We wrote 7 contracts and we had 10 closings. INSANITY! I had many nights where I was at the office until 7:00 pm or 8:00 pm. However - I don't want to complain too much - the extra money is REALLY nice to have right now!

We also had our shower on June 20th. It was AMAZING! Family flew in from out of town and Mandie from Been Blessed Photography took photos for us. Here is a sneak peek! We went with a Baseball theme and my mom, sister and aunt went ALL out. How lucky are we?

So where are we at with Baby K? Here's the scoop:

How far along? 33.5 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I don't weigh myself!

Maternity clothes? Yes - Love them! They are SO comfy. However - I am still fitting into my Juicy velour pants which have become my weekend uniform!

Stretch marks? Nope **crosses fingers**

Sleep: Some nights really good and some nights not so good. I bought a Boppy Pregnancy pillow and I love it. Even if you are not pregnant, I would highly recommend it!

Best moment this week: Ed, my mom and my sister agreeing to help us with the nursery. It is turning out BEAUTIFUL. I will post pics soon!

Movement: A lot! My stomach moves all over the place. It is fun trying to figure out if it is a foot, elbow or what!?!

Food cravings: None

Labor signs: Nope **crosses fingers once again**

Belly button in or out? Out - I hope it goes back in!

What I miss: A cold beer or margarita! **Sigh**

What I am looking forward to: Our ultra sound at 36 weeks - can't wait to see Baby K again! And spending Saturday at the pool with Abbey!

So there is a quick update..