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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Here we go again...

we are onto round 3.  My friend the cyst has gone away and we are set for iui #3.  I will start 100mg of clomid (i have done 50mg in the past) on Wednesday.  Jason and I go in on Thursday to do an SA with an embryologist.  Hopefully that will give us a little more insight into his swimmers.  I will go back on Monday for more blood work and then we will have our iui.  As of right now it looks like that will take place Friday - the day after Thanksgiving.  Our families are going up to Breckenridge for the holiday so Jason and I will be making trips back and forth - oh joy.  However, we are not willing to skip another cycle due to an hours drive.  As far as life outside of IF goes things have been crazy but a "good crazy".  Some changes have taken place at work so I no longer am concerned about my job.  At least I can look 12 months ahead instead of 30 days.  That has been a HUGE weight off of my shoulders - more than I realized it would be.  :)

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Tab said...

Congradulations on moving on to cycle #3 cycst-free! =) You will be in my prayers! And I can't wait to hear about the SA results too!