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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Worth the Wait...

that is what I keep telling myself - that it is worth the wait. Once we are able to hold our child in our arms it will all be Worth the Wait. IUI #2 was today and the news wasn't all that great. The good news was that I had two follicles measuring at 20mm and 22mm but the bad news was we only had 3 million swimmers to work with instead of the 27 million we had last time. Although 3 million still sounds like a lot to me.
i asked Jason, "I wonder how they count them?". To this he replied, "With a sperm counter."
Okay smart ass.
So the dreaded 2 week wait (the two weeks you have to wait before testing for pregnancy) begins. I will go in for an ultra sound for release tomorrow to make sure that I ovulated.
Well, i am off to enjoy an evening of tacos and Rock Band.

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Jeff and Kerry said...

Since we're both patients of Dr. S, we may have to get together IRL soon - Jeff and I love Guitar Hero (we haven't gotten into our Rock Band yet, since it's not too fun to play with just the two of us)!!!