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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So many questions, So little time...

So i am sure a lot of people who are unfamiliar with IF have a lot of questions. I know i did once we started all of this. So here are answers to some of the questions that I had to begin with and hopefully they will answer some of your questions.

What is infertility?  Most experts define infertility as not being able to get pregnant after at least one year of trying. 1 out of 10 people struggle with infertility and 2/3 of couples who seek medical treatments are able to get pregnant and give birth to a baby.

Whose to blame?  Since i am blogging and putting myself out there, i will answer this question even though, no matter what, it is our challenge.  Jason has a "Not Overly Concerning" issue with his sperm’s morphology (the form and shape of the sperm) and Stacy has a borderline progesterone level. Our RE is not concerned about either of these "issues".  The frustrating part is that neither of these "issues" is really an issue, therefore, we are considered "unexplained".

What is an IUI?
An IUI -- intrauterine insemination -- is performed by threading a very thin flexible catheter through the cervix and injecting washed sperm directly into the uterus. The whole process doesn't take very long — it usually only requires the insertion of a speculum and then the catheter, a process that maybe takes a couple of minutes. (info from This is the first step for many people struggling with IF. Usually an IUI is coupled with meds that help to produce more eggs. However - this is a high wire balancing act because you don't want to produce too many eggs and you don't want to effect the quality of the eggs.

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