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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm a blogger!

So i have decided to start a blog to keep track of our babymaking journey. With so many appointments and numbers and facts to keep track of I thought if would be easier to put it all in one place so i don't have to repeat myself which just leads to me confusing myself!
So where are we at so far?
We decided in June of 2006 that we would start "trying" to have a baby. Little did we know the journey we were about to embark on! I went of of my birth control pills (oh the money I could have saved had I known I did not need those little pills!) and we jumped feet first into the world of babymaking. I found out more about how my reproductive cycle works in that first month than all of those days of high school biology! After 1 year of trying our best we went to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE for short). That is a specialist in fertility. We had our first appointment with Dr. Swanson in August of 2007 and he set us up for a battery of tests. Stacy had blood tests, ultrasounds, an HSG, and even more blood tests. Jason had a sperm analysis (oh - to be a man). All of the tests came back normal so we were officially put into the "Infertility of Unexplained Origin" category. A plan was mapped out for us which started with Stacy popping pills and ended with an IUI (Inter Uterine Insemination). So that's where we are at. IUI #1 was on June 18th. I had two follicles (eggs) that released and we had a sperm count of 27 million. I though for sure we would be one of the "lucky" couples that got pregnant on the first go round with twins (thanks to the clomid) and our life would be happily ever after. But no. That happily ever after was not in the cards for us. So we are on to IUI #2. Let's hope this one is our happily ever after cycle because quite honestly - I am tired of writing checks.
So welcome to our journey. If you are a nestie visiting you are all to familiar with this journey we call IF. If you are not a nestie - welcome to a very strage world!