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Friday, July 18, 2008

$12.33 per minute?!?!

I had my u/s for release yesterday and I was literally in and out of the Dr.'s office in 12 minutes. That 12 minutes included the time it took me to write a check for $148.00!!!! That is $12.33 per minute - crazyness!!! I need to find a job where I can make $12.33 per minute. I could get on a rant on how unfair it is that insurance does not cover IF but i will leave that for another day. The good news is that the u/s showed that both of my follicles released. So now we will sit back and wait.


Tab said...

$148.00? I have my first appointment for an IUI today, and they told me to bring $158 for the vistit and...$345 for the ultrasound!!! Isn't it REDICULOUS what they charge for this stuff??

Jeff and Kerry said...

Amen, sister. I want *that* job.