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Thursday, February 4, 2010

A couple more "firsts"...

We had a couple of firsts over the past week. On Saturday Cooper had his first trip to the Blue Bonnet. I love Mexican food which of course means I love the Blue Bonnet (one of the BEST Mexican restaurants in Denver)! Jason's office moved recently and he now works only minutes from the "Bonnet". Lucky us - we had to go with him on Saturday to drop off a truck at his office. He gave Cooper and I a tour of his new digs and then gave us a driving tour on the way home. And the last sight to see was how close he was to the Bonnet which, of course, turned into a late lunch/early dinner there.

On Sunday Cooper had his first trip to a bowling alley. We had SO much fun. It was a fund raiser for Shane's baseball team so we had pizza and beer along with friends, family and bowling. I love bowling because it is the only "sport" that I am better than Jason at. We are just slightly competitive! The evening ended up in in a tie - no bragging rights for either one of us. Before we left Abbey and I took some photos in a photo booth with Cooper! It was a great day.

Eating with Aunt RK

Hangin' with Abbey

Hangin' with Shane

First Bowling Trip

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