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Thursday, August 21, 2008

So exciting

I met a girl online (not in-real-life) through the IF board I frequent on The Nest. i took an interest in her story as she is also a patient of Dr. Swansons. Her blog is titled "Our Stork got what?" and is in my blog list below. Long story short, Kerry got her BFP yesterday after IVF #1. Check out here blog and read her post about her BFP. It's great! She really captures the excitement of her whole journey. I am so excited for her - although I have never "met" her. It is amazing the support and "friendships" you can create online - especially on The Nest's TTTC Board.
Congratulations Kerry!

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Jeff and Kerry said...

Awww, thanks so much Stacy!! I'm so glad you like reading our blog, and if us being successful with Dr. S gives you hope for your future, that makes me so happy! We still need to meet IRL one of these days (SOON), and hook up to play Rock Band, or something!

And I agree about the Nest - I have made some of my best (real life) friends on that website...