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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesdays thoughts...

I called the Dr.s office yesterday and left a message for my Dr.'s nurse, Suzie. I let her know that we would have to pass on this cycle since Jason was out of town. i was secretly glad that i was able to leave a vm because i wasn't sure if i would "be in trouble". I am sure iui couples cancel - but i didn't want the office to think of us as "slackers". I got a message from Conceptions and it was SO reassuring...they even apologized to me that this cycle had to be cancelled. However, they did want me to test for my LH surge. Apparently, if you do not ovulate on clomid it can cause cysts. Fast foreword to that evening - I tested and sure enough I had my surge (CD 14 - textbook). So no worries. Now I am just looking forward to this next cycle. If all goes as planned our iui will be the week of Sept 8th...hmmm that would make a June baby. That is a TERRIBLE habit I have - figuring out a due date of a baby I am not even pg with. Oh well- one can dream.

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Jeff and Kerry said...

Isn't Conceptions great? Soooo much better than the other two CO RE's we went to before! As for figuring out when the due date would be - I think all of us TTTC'ers are like don't worry!