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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stuck at Home With The Flu

Yep....H1N1. Ugh! My Mom, Cooper and I had planned on flying back to Ohio last Friday to visit family so they could meet Cooper. Jason had to go out of town for work for a week and a half and I did not want to stay at home again by myself and my mom's school was on fall break. So it seemed to be working out perfect! We bought our tickets, packed our bags and the day before we were supposed to leave Cooper came down with a fever. I had been taking his temperature all week since the flu has been so bad here in Colorado and since I am a neurotic mom! Sure enough he was fine at 10:00 in the morning and then at 1:00 in the afternoon he was 100.5 degrees. I called the Dr's right away and was able to get an appointment at 2:15. The next call was to my sister and I was in tears. I wanted to call Jason but didn't as he was driving to Houston (yuck!) and I didn't know yet what was wrong - I didn't want to worry him when he could do nothing to help. I thought about calling my mom but I didn't want to worry her either. So I called RK and worried her! She talked to me till it was time for me to leave and I promised her I would call her back as soon as I got out of the Dr's.

Cooper was still 100.5 at the Dr's office and was braking out in a rash literally in front of my eyes. He was so sleepy and I felt so bad for him. They did a rapid flu test and he tested positive for the type A which included H1n1.

When Dr. Kramer walked trough the door and told me it was positive I couldn't help myself, "Shit" was my reaction. Nice. "Yes, I was really hoping I wouldn't see a positive" She said. I am sure I am not the only new mom that has had a (few) choice word(s) with such news. She went on to explain to me that 90% of type A positives are H1N1 so that is what they diagnosed him with.

She sent me home with a prescription for Tamiflu and told me he could have Tylenol if needed for his fever.

Cooper got up to 101.4 and we had a rough first night as I had to learn how to give a two month old medicine, he had to learn how to take it, he obviously did not feel good, I didn't have Jason to lean on and we ended the evening with Cooper throwing up all over his glider and the floor in is bedroom. Thank God for my mom and thank God she was on fall break. She showed up everyday - with mask in hand - and helped Cooper and I SO much.

By Sunday I was sick and taking Tamiflu and we have just tried to get through each day waiting for Jason to get home (he comes home Tuesday) and thinking about what we would be doing if we were back in Ohio.

Not too sure about the Tamiflu!

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