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Monday, December 1, 2008

iui #3 complete

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! As i wrote about in a previous post we spent the holiday in Breckenridge and had a great time! Jason and I made the 1 1/2 hour trip back down to Conceptions on Friday morning where we found out that I had two follicles (don't worry Aunt J - no Jason & Stacy + seven!) and we had 35 million swimmers! Yay! My lining looked good at 7mm so maybe...just maybe this will be our lucky cycle. If not, we have an appt scheduled with Dr. Swanson on December 11th for a follow up to figure out where to go from here. So the dreaded 2 week wait begins and will hopefully go by fast. So that is a super quick update - i have a pretty busy week at work ahead of me so hopefully that means that it will fly by!


Tabitha said...

I hope these next few weeks fly by for you! Your in my Prayers!

Jeff and Kerry said...

Oh Stacy, I really hope this is it for you!!! What an amazing Christmas gift it would be!

M. Joule said...

Prayers for you, fingers and toes crossed as well!!