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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My "new" Pretty Blog

i just figured out how to change the background on my blog from the boring templates that are offered on blogspot. So beware - i might be changing them quite often because there are so many fun ones! i got my hair cut last night, well, trimmed. i found a lady in Parker that i was referred to and it would be great if she worked out because it is so damn convenient. I was going downtown, which was okay for awhile, but I could only make appts. on weekends and had to pay for parking. So this would just work out so much better! It was a well timed hair cut as I had a KILLER headache that came on about 4:00 pm. It got worse as the night progressed but the shampoo massage felt terrific. I ended up crawling into bed at about 9:00 pm because I just couldn't take it anymore. i am wondering if it is a side effect from my high estrogen thanks to my buddy the cyst? On top of that I had a crazy dream that my RE got beat up while visiting New York. I went in to see him and he had terrible injuries to his face. He was not acting like himself and was apparently not all there mentally. Then, as I was talking to him he began taking down notes with one of those gigantic pens you get from a carnival and was just writing down scribbles. I was petrified, so after the appt I spoke to the front desk and they said that they were aware he was "not all there". Then I woke up. I wonder what Freud would say about that!?! I will be preparing my sample ballot today as Jason and I are going to get out and vote early this week. I really wanted to go on Election Day because I love the atmosphere but I am worried with all the hype surrounding this election that the lines will take hours to get thru. Plus - it sounds like Jason will be heading back to Utah for work so he will be gone on the 4th.


Tab said...

Wow, it is pretty! I love it!

Jeff and Kerry said...

Love the new background. And super creepy dream about Dr. S!