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Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm Back

Yes it has been quite awhile since I have blogged. i needed a break. So last time we spoke I was moving forward with a lap. After so much thought and worry I finally decided I was okay to move forward with it. That the fact I would be put on a ventilator (yikes!) was okay if it would get us some answers and wouldn't you know it...we had a wrench thrown in the wheel (is that the expression?!?). We were told by Conceptions that they could not guarantee that our insurance would pay for the procedure. We were already looking at $3,000 out of pocket to have the lap with insurance covering it BUT if they did not cover it we were looking at $10,000! Unbelievable! I finally get myself on the lap train and I am heading towards a destination and then the brakes are put on at full force. UGH! So after an evening of crying to my mom (jason was in Utah) I got myself back on the tracks and headed in a different direction - or more familiar one. We are now back on the IUI train. Before getting on it I set up an appointment with my OB just to go and talk to him and get his opinions. He is a wonderful man but probably thought I was an emotional basket case. As soon as I started talking to him I burst out in tears. In the end he confirmed that Jason and I are on the right track, that Dr. Swanson and Conceptions is a great place to be and that, unfortunately, IF is expensive and only we can decided how much we are comfortable spending in order to have a family - sounds so unfair, doesn't it? He even told me about a patient that had to use a surrogate with donated eggs and they had spent $102,000. Yes - $102,000. Wow. So here we are getting ready for our 3rd IUI. I have an appointment today for an u/s to make sure my ovaries are good-to-go on another round of clomid. Of course I just know that this will be our cycle - at least that is what I keep telling myself. *sigh*


Tab said...

I'm so sorry about all the trouble your going through. We ended up doing a LAP (even though I had NO symptoms of Endo) and we paid $4,000.00 OOP, we weren't expecting to pay that much so it was a big shock. And then the LAP showed once again that everything was "normal" This is such a frustrating process, but you'll be in my prayers for the Lord to give you guidence! Don't loose faith!

Jeff and Kerry said...

YAY, you're back!!! I've missed you! (((hugs))) I know it's a hard pill to swallow when you are paying OOP, but soon you will find that if you want something bad enough, you'll do what it takes to make it happen. If someone would have told me that we would be spending over $35,000 to try to have a baby, I would have told them they were smoking crack. But here we are, $35K later, with two little ones on their way. Does it suck that we had to spend that much money for what most people get for free (and without all the effort, struggle, and heartache)? Uh, yeah. But guess what doesn't suck? When it's "worth the wait". Best of luck to you, Stacy! I can't wait for updates!