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Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday, Monday

I am trying to be a good blogger. I don't have a lot to report on the IF side of my life. We are hoping for a miracle BFP this cycle since we are doing no meds. I am also counting down the days until Wednesday - I am anxious to find out what Dr. S thinks about the Lap. An interesting side note: i talked to my cousin a couple weeks ago and she was shocked at the price of IVF in Colorado. She told me I should call the Cleveland Clinic and get prices. I did and interestingly enough the whole package there (including 5 day transfers and ICSI - which is more here in Colorado) is $15,000. Wow - a savings of at least $5,000. So yet another option on our plate of what-to-do. Don't get me wrong, we love having options, it's just that my mind swirls over them constantly. Another option is to find a job that offers IF coverage in their insurance and stay here in Colorado. But in a perfect world we won't have to get to that point. I have noticed that I have a terrible habit of putting the cart before the horse and I have to remind myself to take things one step at a time.

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Tab said...

Me too! I'm always thinking "well, if this month doesn't work, or the next three months don't work, this is what I'm going to do..." It's a terrible habit!