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Saturday, June 5, 2010

How can 10 years go so fast?

10 years ago we welcomed the first baby our family had seen in quite awhile. My nephew Shane came into this world and we all fell head over heels for him. Shane is so special to me because of who he is but also because he made me an aunt - and oh how I LOVE being as Aunt!

I usually make a cake, cupcakes or a cookie cake for my niece and nephew to take to school on their birthdays. I got no request this year. Hmmmm? I talked to my sister and she told me that she talked to Shane about it but he didn't want one. Could it be that he is getting to the "That's not Cool" stage of his life? Say it's not so!?!?!

So my mom and I made him cupcakes to surprise him with after his baseball game. My mom also made the boys homemade carmel corn and packaged it up in cute popcorn boxes. So fun!

If these first 10 years flew by...before I know it the next 10 will fly by and he will be 20 - OYE!

Happy Birthday Shane! I Love you! and thank you for being a wonderful cousin to Cooper!

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